So bsically this server was made in far summer 2016 for fun and freedom of playing, as a radical alternative to other old dogeball servers with unbalanced everything and dumb rules controlled by (not less dumber) people. Though the ages SV developes and provides a good balance betweeen fun fuck-around palyability and competetive irl ping-pong inspired gameplay, with smooth, controllable, yet complex semi-wave all dimensions physics, and good fair (yet hard for understanding) rank system.
On other server's there's a shit ton of rules, which u gotta obey even if you not aware of em. This makes gameplay dull scenario-like not competitive abbosive jailbreak shit, especially at many players online, where instead of having fun, all people do is argue who did or did not break rules, while admins keep spamming !sm_slay !sm_kick cuz they can. SV thinks differntly on that matter of rules. Somebody team block u? when you press mouse2 at reflect and your rocket gets insta-stealed - u will instantly re-reflect it whcih will either kill the stealer, or will save you some extra time. (that's a part of anti-jagger plugin). Or you can use jetpack to run away from blockers/pushers xd
Somebody spins the rocket for too long? Let em be, they will explode themself within few seconds xd
Teammates stealing and not let you play? Well, that's their will, you keep yourself away form battlefield - you won't get anything. You could just switch the team, or ask nicely not to do it, or try to teamkill stealers once you get the rocket xd
Somebody micspam? If that's funny, why nah? If not, use /votemute, or just mute the player through Escape button spoiler:(that will additionally gag the palyer for u too even if u still want to see him typing, thanks to valve). Also there is voice_enable 0 command to disable EVERYBODY's mic for you (you can't mute one witohut muting other, or witohut gagging the annoyer, thx to valve again)
Somebody bindspams/overagressive? Unfortunately there is no working /votegag command yet. If somebody be verbally acting annoying, just mute em thro escape as method above.

At sv there is only 1 rule for you:
Play on your fun, and respect the right of others having fun. Embrace each others differences, and discover a way to be friends.
About some popular TFDB plugins:
asherkin TFDodgeball The very first TFDB plugin being made (2010), was a legacy TFDB idea creation, but being useless as a thing - poor, low functional, broken and not supported anymore. YADB plugin (by Damizean) The techical performance of asherkin tfdb idea. being made in 2010 and being the first really functional tfdb plugin, became the parent of all tf2 dodgeball, the plugin has been written with complex and many functional, professional code, also provides rich config (the only thing that server's owners is kapable of chagning). Was abandoned by it's author right after creation, and nobody yet to made any better plugin. Thus, SV is core-modified version of original YADB plugin. Redux Dodgeball by ClassicGuzzi A bad attempt to rewrite YADB plugin, simplifying it's code by cutting it's major functions. Envynz YADB reworking This plugin is mostly about expanding the original YADB plugin with the dumb features like "anti-steal" and adding some minor useful stuff like HUDs, while not messing with original code and physics. Eternal's server Straight up (sold out?) rip off of original Oracle server, uses something similar as Envynz's plugin, although got some more decent features, along with smart ass orbitter bot. Probly Oracle's owner private mode integrations. (plz report if u know) And many more But most of them either too poor, or zero-active, and just unknown to author of this text.
Most popular
Techically All known European tfdb server's are made from those YADP or Redux plugins. You can also read nice beginner's tutorial about playthrough YADP plugin that can be found at this steam tutorial whcih will help u settle in or just learn smth new (but not everything described in there is true at SV)

Outdated since 2011
Thing is, the only major difference between those servers is just the configs, while Swagville servers tfdb mode is build upon YADP plugin too, it changing many aspects of original core code, with preserving it's good ol' spirit. There are probably more fancy integrations or even newly made plugins worth a review, but none i'd know of, due to them being non popular, plz report if u know some.
Rocket's tickrate:
Rocket tickrate is calculated each game frame, rather than 0.1 sec timer as most other server use. 1 game frame equals to 0.0166 frames, which makes rocket turn rate x6 smoother and far more natural
Pre-Post aim offsets (rocket dragigng/flicks):
Originally (and by nowadays) tfdb plugin uses weird ass system (you can watch it in it's code source) of calculating each tick (0.1 second) if rocket was hitted, and if so changes its parameters and new target. Since the game strictly runs on 60 frames per second, not 10, this code execution causes random delay between those timers, making the rocket be in idle moving state in the direction of your aim after reflect (having no target), behaving just like regular soldier rocket being reflected by pyro, and only then starts re-taargetting, when next 0.1 sec timer executes (random interval of 0-6 game frames).

They call them flicks. What are they?
This is what players called "rocket dragigng." How does it work humanly speaking? After you hit rocket you have randomly 0.01 to 0.08 seconds to change the rocket orientation just by moving your mouse. This is used for flicks/switches (article about flicks/tricks is yet to come) and other things that made dodgeball so unique as it is.
Do we really need them?
This is a nice feature out of technical bug. Once it was attempted to be fixed in Redux tfdb plugin, but as the result, the gameplay has been ruined completely, even tohugh some servers still continue running that version. But no matter how "flick n drag bug" spiced up the game, there is one significant flaw about it - randomness. You do not control that random delay of the time you can drag the rocket. But at SV you can!!!
More control over flicks
How does rocket dragging works in Swagville: You have same interval of time to drag your rocket as on most other servers (0.01 to 0.08 seconds), but the delay picked not randomly, but by the aim offset of your character aim and aim to the rocket, proportionally to the amount the time since the rocket entered your hitbox. Humanly speaking - the faster, yet least accurate (tricky) you hit the rocket, the higher drag rate will you have. So you can do contorlled confusing flicks, or simple rocket 1 frame mirror reflect, or instant redirect, if you manage to hit the rocket pixel-accurate (looking right at the rocket in the moment of hit). This non-significal changes makes the rocket feel very responsive to your mouse, comparing to other servers, where you make a god-like flick but rocket was not flicked at all due to you having bad luck and hitting it right before the moment targetting executes.
SV has default vertical wave physics mode making vertical flicks abit more unpreictable n complicated, this is commonly used in american servers. Since december 2019 there is also new created methodics of horizontal waving, which techicaly increase rocket complexity of a nicely made flick. Horizontal wave only enables on high multiplier flciks, where rocket is not "direkt", becuase as it always was before, nice x18 flcik was too easy if it wasnt direkt. It also is speed-related, the faster speed the weaker force of wave will, to not make it too unbalanced
Target lock
New feature since december 2022 - Even though you normally send the rocket by your flicking direction, sometimes picking targets might be impossible even with using backfire, or 270+ degree flick to switch to closest target. So new feature was added, especially useful in tourneys - target lock. No commands involved - just look at someone you want to target, and followed by audio message and text in chat, rocket will always fly to the player you locked. Can be switched any moment by looking at other player, and if you want to reset the lock - aim down to the ground (no better implementations were invented), but be aware target lock automaticly disables on its own each time new rocket creates. !targetlock - disabled/enables this feature (enabled by default) - resets to default each disconnect.
Rocket bounce:
Originally in tfdb there were no bouncing at all, which was causing rocket constantly exploding in the middle of intense battle beacuse of rocket touching. Of course people didn't like that fact, and after some time they did what? Made a rocket bounce plugin OVER the TFDB plugin, without no further integration (past xzibit jokes in here). Appearently the tfdb devs were too lazy to integrate that addon correctly, so it lead to this scenario: when rocket fired too low, it eventually touches the floor, after when RAWKETBOUNCE plugin tells the rocket to mirrorly reflect off the touched surface, and dumass tfdb plugin still keeps sending rocket down each 0.1 tick ignoring rocket's new orientation. This players called "snake/worm jumps" (or whatever) and regular people call it WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT, WHY ROCKET GOES SEIZURES WHEN IT TOUCHES THE FLOOR.

Rocket "floor worms" fuck ups
Seriously, instead of fixing this minor bug, people started using and aboosing it, since when you're not used to it, it is impossible to hit the rocket whcih flied with stable speed and then goes all 30 waves per sec under your feet.
fuck outta here
Some servers attempted to fix this, but that lead to another problem - due to slow rocket interpolation (high ass orbits) after rocket mirrorly bounced off the ground by sharp angle, like after upspike, it jumps for over 1000 units n headstab you from above same unexpected way as if it was "snake launched", which is not nice either. But at SV its perfectly balanced!!! Due to the "waving" physics, rocket touched the floor even at high speed and sharp angle, rocket bounces 1 time, maximally jumping over the ground surface by 300 units max by the destination's position (which is still player's hitbox area) Also there are some purposed exceptions at SV rocket bounce - rocket will still explode if: • rocket is nearby any player • rocket hits any entity (like soawned barrels, breakable map brushes etc) • rocket owner's aim is below 45 degrees to ground (owner looks down) - lost your aim, lost the rocket, dumbass
Rocket Damage:
Rocket damage might look random, killing some players in 1 reflect, and not killing others in 3 hits, but it is not random, and depends of 7(!) factors:
    • Rocket speed - This one is obvious and the only factor elsewhere - the faster rocket travels, the more damage it makes.
    • Multiplier - The higher flick multiplier (count in pts), the more damage rocket makes.
    • Hit distance from head - the more distance from player head, the less damage
    • DUcking - when player is crouching, sitting, ducking etc, distance from head multiplies x2, causing lower damage unless its hit straight in the head
    • Rocket fly time since last reflect - The higher distance between the players (timewise), the lower damage will be.
    • Time passed since rocket entered player's hitbox distance - directs cause more damage, orbitted rocket cause damage nerfing
    • PTS proctection: the more pts you have during the hit, the higher rocket damage protection you gain. To be exact - the damage received from rockets is multiplied by the coefficient according to the formula (0.0 - ((800.0 - CURRENTPTSPLAYER) / (0.0 - 800.0)))^3 where CURRENTPTSPLAYER = the player's current PTS, with a maximum coefficient limit of 0.2 (20% of actual damage with pts >= 332). Also top players are sorted by this pts. Use !logpts to see how much you gain per each reflect or !logall to see how much everybody get per each reflect
    To sum it up: on other servers rocket damage calculated only by its speed - faster speed, more damage. On swagville at 60mph strongly flicked rocket straight in the head of a close range low pts silver makes 500hp damage, while same speed 60mph rocket deflected by a silver at 100 meter distance hitting a high pts ducking player in the leg after full orbit might do only 30hp damage. But normally rocket still deals 175hp+ hit when a player plays with someone of his level
    Use !logdamage to see all the changes ingame, which shows originally income damage based on rocket speed only, and modified damage after all these filters.
low Rate Of Fire:
tfdb works on using original tf2 pyro's flame thrower compression blast, which is stricted to delay of 0.75 seconds, which is nice block for people to rapidly click the mouse without carrying of a timing. Once you have missed the rocket, you still have a chance to hit it after 0.75 seconds, whcih means you have to ORBIT the rocket and hit it when compression blast works agian.

That's how all tfdb servers work, but what are the vars of this, and why would SV change the original game flame thrower parameters? There are some reasons.
    • Orbitters be gay af real niggas dont orbit the do og ass flicks n direkts.
    • Game disbalance. A skilled player doesnt miss, so he doesnt orbit, and therefore he will hit the rocket properly, while the one who misses will orbit the rocket and most likely will do easy direkt straight into your face at 200 mph which is no good player is kapable to counter when it was unpredicted.
    • Dirkets at close combats are impossible to deflect without orbits, simply because that is below 0.75 sec delay, which turns the game into battle of orbitters

In summary, At SV rocket starts to shorten it orbit right after it reaches it's victim back, to make spin-direkts impossible at high speed. Combined with rocket interpolation being pretty high comparing to servers on its own, that would make you die at 100 mph simply because you will not be able to wait whole 0.75 seconds to re-attack. There comes Low Rate Of Fire (blast) fixing all those problems at once - scales up the time at close combats, making the game much more intense, and generally more skill-oriented and balanced (no more homo spin-direkts at high speeds, because GAME FORCES TO), and skilled players who's aim is right can still re-hit any missed rocket on any speed.

Low ROF is made through weapon hacks, and uses it's own timers in order to not cross low Rate Of Fire and bot-like m2 spams. Those timers causes visual bugs on everybody else but player himself, making it look like everybody else hit the blast 10 times per second, but the cure to that visual bug is yet to find.

Fixed by july 2019
Low rate of fire has been (randomly) edited in a way, that the visual bugs are client side now - you will not see others spam fake airblast as before, but u will not hear ur fast blasts either (only wind blowing, which is still proceeded by server as valid AIRBLAST). Also if you click too early, airblast will be ignored and u will have static 0.3 sec cooldown again, instead of completing 0.75sec delay of prevous airblast as it was before. Techically hard shit simple - you have 0.3 sec cooldown instead of game's default 0.75, with the only exception you can not hold your mouse but should be only CLICKING instead.
Rocket speed:
Normally on every other dodgeball server you visit, rocket increment is fixed to static acceleration speed per deflect (like +5 or +25 mph per reflect).
On swagville rocket initial speed is pretty slow (40mph), and basic acceleration speed is low and noob-friendly too (+5mph) but acceleration is based on how you actually reflect the rocket (distance between players matters too), meaning in same scenario you can set reflect speed to +20 (not to mention multiple self reflects), and at same time make it go even slower, as -10mph. Key values in calculation order that pluses or minuses base rocket speed increment of +5mph per deflect are:
    Aim speed on reflectRanges: adds extra 0mph to 5mph. Adds this value to base speed, based on your aim speed while reflect (long drag flick aint guarantees fast mouse speed on deflect frame though), hard to achieve on actually aimed flciks
    Flick angleRanges: adds extra 0mph to 10mph. Adds this value to base speed, based on your drag angle, where to achieve +10mph on this takes above 270 degrees. 360 flicks reflects are best to achieve this, but server tickrate may fail you, being not that extremely accurate
    dodging/spinning factorReduces all higher values by 0.5 if rocket dodged, by 0.25 if rocket spinned. Meaning if there were no any flicks or drags, but rocket was fully orbitted, speed increment will be close to zero.
    Previous reflect speed incrementWhen distance gets close and speeds getitng high, this starts to affect, dealing 0-100% speed penalty of PREVIOUS deflect. Meaning if you recieve rocket at close range at 100mph and you orbit it and reflect it with no flick, your sent speed increment will be (5+0+0-(10-20 depending how actually close it was) = -5 to -10mph
    Reversed rocket speed - new since 2022Combining all previous factors, you can actually reverse the rocket speed (to be exact - multiply add speed number by -0.5, with no basic +5mph adding) and actually slow the rocket down, by whatever reason - slow down too high speed, or to confuse your victim. Also considering previous rule (Previous reflect speed increment) your opponent gets extra boost on next reflect, so you won't be able to actually slow the rocket in long term, until both players purposely do so. To do so you must be holding crouching button while reflecting, but not actually crouching (meaning you must be holding ctrl while reflect but not for longer than ~0.1 sec). Currently is "bind supported" as rocket jumps, - copy these lines into your autoexec.cfg file to bind left mouse click to reverse speed reflect:
alias "+reverseairblast" "+duck ; +attack2"
alias "-reverseairblast" "-duck ; -attack2"
bind "mouse1" "+reverseairblast"
note: TO remove it back yo default, type in console: bind "mouse1" "+attack"

RocketSpeed/PlayersDistance ratio A variable that ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 = 1 second+ fly time, 1.0 - less than 0.1 second fly time (expected rocket travel time to hit the target with direkt vector)
Base rocket accelerationRanges: +5mph. When "RocketSpeed/PlayersDistance" > 0.0 base rocket acceleration drops to 0. Meaning at high enough speed or close range further acceleration is possible only through flicking. Reversing speed technique always sets base acceleration to 0
Aim speed on reflectRanges: +0 to +10mph, adds on "Base rocket acceleration", along with "Flick angle"
Flick angleRanges: 0 to +10mph, adds on "Base rocket acceleration", along with "Aim speed on reflect"
dodging/spinning factor reduces "Base rocket acceleration", "Aim speed on reflect" and "Flick angle"  by /2 if rocket dodged while reflect, by /4 if it was spinned
Previous reflect speed decrement based on "RocketSpeed/PlayersDistance ratio", where zero speed deducts on 0.0 and Previous hit speed deducted on 1.0;
Reversed rocket speed - new since 2022 In case of originally negative number, this sets rocket speed to 0, making this technique prevent speed decrease in some occasions.

Combining all above, rocket speed acts very unpredictable in experienced player's hands, creating higher gap between pros and silvers, also giving advantages to those silvers playing vs each other on easy slow mode.

Additional cheat commands
When cheats are enabled, you can also control some rocket variables via !rocket command - initial speed, speed increment per deflect, speed increment per time, rally mode (lock x and y axis as it is on most of other servers, making the rocket has seizures on 150mph+ )
RTD as major part of gameplay:
Here are shit ton of different power (but fair and balanced) RTDs with very low delay to spice up the intense, which do also gets more delay and less effective the more people playing online.
For those who never played this server before, but played sum panda/oracle instead, the server might look like all modded-up minecraft Syria Jihad simulator at times, - simply couse this server has much MUCH more intense in it, especially the more skilled people in there at once.
Server uses this version of rtd plugin, but there is also like 50 custom server-special perks, a list of which is yet to come (there are like 50 of them)

Server use sum simple jetpack plugin, allowing players to travel across map, airpush other niggas etc. Jetpack is hard to master too, becuase it works not obviously, and actually nobody knows how, but if u learn how to use it right, you can accelerate up to 50mph for whatever reason.
Fast travel
You can jump to rocket, get into any position fast or whatever
Jetpack has limited fuel (in original plugin fuel is unlimited) - when u keep flying for more than around 15 seocnds, fuel will run off and u will fall. Fuel regenerates the faster the lower you currently have (you can track it by /fuel command)
Since may 2019 you can push niggas from the sky to perform frictions/falldamage hurts. Pretty fun thing, but requires lotta non-tfdb situation controlling skills to counter it, especially if u get puhed right before the rocket hits you. Useful at teamrushes, and useless at 1v1 battles.
BOtis a real niggah ere oto
Levels of difficulty
Achieved by commands: botlvl - change bot's rocket reflect complexity, where botlvl1 - stock bot, botlvl5 - walking killing machine (also secret levels of botlvl44 and botlvl55 - which add extra randomness to botlvl4 and botlvl5 respectively) botspeedreverse - block/allow bot from using speed reverses (on by default, resets each time) botmultireflect - block/allow bot from using fast multiple reflects a.k.a. swaitis mode (off by default, resets each time) - if doesnt work use other method - "!cheats" , "!forcertd @blue fasthands 10000" more to come later
Nice AI
Bot will always support a nice conversation
THe only loyal and top #1 player for server
He will never rq (until you ask), never abandon you, and will always be there to play with u at 06:00 of morning.
To sum up all the Swagville server differences:
TFDB as its known else in tf2 comparing to this server is like volleyball to rugby. Looks pretty same but swagville is much more intense harsh and severe, no mater of rocket speed. For players grown on other old servers, Swagville is gonna look like all modded-up minecraft server where everything works weirdly. And opposite is true - for players used to SV all other servers gonna look dull broken wallbang one hit per minute worm-bouncing rocket bullcrap Also note, if u play for win, you are quite unlikely to get good at both swagville and other servers. All the "Pros" from oracle/eternals/akod/blackwonder/other2010likeservers despise this server for breaking all the bug-based standarts, limitations and other benefits they got used to 4lief, but, as they call it themself - MAD CUZ BAD, so let em corrupted fools do continue enjoyin their stone age broken downspike simulators back at their places where they are "good at".
As minus of all the summed up fun, its known that tf2 gone really poorly optimized nowadays, and new content and features makes it even worse, therefore you may experince constant lags, freezes, low fps at server, especially when there are alot of people online. Then you might wanna get sum performance/net configs set right. If you know something that might be server's fault, please contact server's support to report that.
Use the second server for serious playing/duelling, for it's known to lag less.
also sv1 server runs on HDD, is it worse than SSD? idk, according to sv2 it is.

to skill warmups

i ran out of ideas wut to write n too lazy to structurize it, but who reads this except of google bots anyway

thx 4 reading n welcome to SV

SV uses special, complicated rank system, built special for tfdb - rocket reflection actual shown(!) skills, not the kill per death ratio as all other rank plugin uses, stimulating the tops to quit when good players come in order not to get lowered down by points(gay). Once you got your rank points record, you will never fall down no matter how bad you play next, until some1 outbeat you, or future rank updates makes your old record outdated. This system makes ranks much more number-accurate, yet it's still far from perfection (it is at PTS algorythm). THis is the idea, the realization of this idea was made through 3 different rank algorytms - potential(g1) lds(g2) and PTS(g3) which are explained below

Used Terms
_deaths - How many times rocket hitted the subject of rank tracking, with condition of subject actually mishit the roket (reflected the same rocket at least 1 time)
_reflectformula - Points you get per each rocket deflect. COunts by formula: Speed * Complexity of rocket flying to u * Flick Multiplyer

Potential (legacy, 2017-2018)
Counts and sums how much points you get per hit by _reflectformula, each time substracting ~20% of your current points.
This is lecacy counting with outdated reflect formula, very easy boostable, and therefore doesn't make sense for those who use it legitly. Right now used to count server heat and team balance, due to having MiddleRank on each player join, which LDS doesn't have and cannot have for being accurate only at plyers equal skill or better than player. 
Current potential are recorded since somehwere from september 2017

Literally - Linear Death Streak (working title), Counts and sums how much points you get per hit by _reflectformula of recent 5 _deaths only. (So by first 5 streaks you don't lose points by _deaths, but after each _death you lose the amount of points you gained 4 streaks ago)
Makes better sence for top counting, yet one cannot get his full possible LDS playing with weak opponents, because values will be equally low.
By some specific circumstances lds can be boostable up to x2 comparing to normal play, by security reasons they're not gonna be explained, and those who will be suspected in using those leaks may get extra attention with following rank being reseted.
Ranks were sorted by lds since summer 2018 to beginning of 2019, and lds data records since may 2018

New gen counter to implefy:
Sum suitable self-speaking name (pts?)
add predictivity factor - predictable same hits all the time gain up to x3 less points for reciever, and up to x1.5 less for maker.
make influence of death's complexity (will turn it not to constant 5 _deaths, but something variable) ((or just ignore if direkt hit?))
replace distance between players to actual rocket fly time
disable old 160mph speed limit after which points aint rise, replace with root gaining.
Make middle-rank values as Potnetial had again. Possibly accumulated by time or 1000 _deaths.
Also supports web calculaotr, work of whcih can be seen at https://swagville.ru/calculator/
upd. SInce Feb/March 2019 PTS gone real, gotta explain how it works later below, and calculator is now out of date

See also:

Swagville ranks since march 2019 - PTS
Third and last implified most complicated yet most accurate ranking algorythm
Differences from LDS
Major difference from algorythms above is now "predictivity" of every player tracked - where the more unpredictable your opponent is, the more you get from him, same as the more repeatative reflect moves get, the less pts (comparing to lds) you get. All other changes are listed each time they get updated at Changelogs at here. Also to note, ever since ranks are sorted by PTS, LDS algorytms were never changed ever since or even before that date, aint tracked when was the last lds update, but far before 2019 And since PTS is more advanced algorytm than LDS, it prevents all the possible boost-weaknesses of lds, meaning "normally" your lds should be euqal to your pts, all differences (especially when lds is up to x2 higher than pts) are the results of "lds boosting", no matter if its purposed or no
Top and rank titles
Ranks are ripped from csgo in order to make it more obvious and simplier to see what skill lever of a person is when he joins, where global elite is 200pts+, each lower rank is exactly 20% pts less. Silvers in csgo are same noobs as silvers in swagville, globals n supremes are same nearly-cheater looking level pros at swagville as they are in csgo.
Do ranks mean skill?
Yes, they are. They really separate players well, but they still ignore the "player's mood" factor - if a nigga has 200+ pts as his cap, he can still suck up and die to pts 100 players (3 ranks lower) by numerious reasons - lags, sicknesses, stress or even because of playing with left hand with touchpad - and he will never get deranked for that (why wud one want to motivate people to rq if they aint at their best and came just for fun?). You can still expect 1 or even 2 ranks lower player to play better at times, but the rank and cap means player's TRUE and up to date potential server seen.
How to boost your rank?
Get good at the game at this very server. No other way you can boost it. Best way to get good is to play vs someone stornger (higher ranked) than you are, you can also rank up fast with bot too, cuz he will ALWAYS be times stronger than u even if ur highest rank, but there is one pitfall - you recieve 20% less pts with bot comparing to real humans.
What is determinied as being "Good" and how to get good?
Now that's the most complicated part of all, - you may call this system too subjective and "one-person oriented". But since if you can easily get 500mph speed with botlvl1, easily get kills/death ratio 10+ playing vs obvious noobs, these orientations aint legit either. So here comes the skill balance system (pts) to equalize all parts of gameplay to measure all your weak and storng part and to multiply it into a number as in those computer gpu/cpu benchmarks - so in order to recieve highest pts you can get (to play your best) you should perform multiple actions, to do whcih you gotta understand some deep sv server mechanics and pts algorythms. They will be described and pictured here later, but for now, best way to do so is activate !logall and see for youself when you get your best and by what it's affected. But simple saying - Make the most hard looking hard taking flciks, be fast af, yet be unepectable, and dont let rocket hit you. Doing this all together vs some1 stornger than you will give you highest rank you can currently achieve (even silvers will get to the nova or even guardian status within an hour, and you will be surprised how yesterday bottom silver becomes average skill player in 1 day), but ignoring sum important factor will grant you nothing (as playing vs botlvl1, no matter how good you are, with close tozero rocket complexity you will recieve close to zero points even if u get to 400mph). tfdb is easy to start, hard to master, especially at sv, But in the end, considering tfdb still is simple gamemod with everything being easily trackable, even csgo ranks are more staged-boostable than mouse only skill-performance pts
Time decay
When you don't play swagville for long time, normally you become rusty and start to play worse, the longer u was away. So for that your pts cap (same as your rank) will fall daily by 0.25% too, even at same day as you set new record, so when ur aiming for new pts cap, try to set it as far as possible, not just by few points which will be consumed in few days, and if by some reasons you did not get bad after long break, you will resore your old pts cap fast. Also all time pts records are recorded too, you can see them in top players page (at mouse hover), but they hardly really matter, considering pts was activly changed n modified during 2019, and the PTS CAP you have will always be up to date. You will be alerted in game by center screen messages when you;re about to beat you own pts cap, and if that makes you nervous you cant disable it CUZ OVERCOMING YOUR STRESS IS PART OF A SKILL TOO LOL
RNew since march 2019 - Points. How do they system work. What do they track in database, and how are they used:
Information below is detailed description and explanation of 'random' nature of what's goin on with those chat numbers you get. Knowing this won't make you better or nothin, read it only if you really care, as points do give you hints when u play 'better' or 'worse' and adds competition factor in general.
LongPoints  - Your current server points. Approximetly your PTS record but by last 1000 hits, instead of 5.
  • • On each rocket hit: Gains same amount of points as you gain from PTS (which is better analogue of LDS), rounded to whole bottom number. Storable as Potential was, instead of taking your best value of each rocket as PTS does. But you will lose last gained points if you destroy the rocket, with a chat note.
  • • When you hit somebody: You get points by complicated ass formula, where all these variables included etc., And when a new nigga comes who got less than 100 deaths, you will get equalized value of his points, so you get same points for same skilled players, no matter if they're new or old. Shit explanation, but i aint paid for writing this bs so whatever.
  • • Loses the points by formula 0.01% of your current points * your Tryhardometer, where tryhardometer is at range 0.1-1.0, meaning the more you tryhard, the more you lose (but gain more too!), so you dont have to worry about Points when you're playing for chill and you play bad - points will fall, but very slowly.
LongMaxPTS  - You current PTS cap. Those are the points u gained per last 5 hits by any period of ur session time. Used to count your "Tryhardometer" (how serious you play). Also currently this LongMaxPTS of yours is unstable and will fall 0.5% daily on itself until you overbeat it again (falls 3% on week, 13% on month 50% less on half year). Since 1st april falls by 1% day (7% on week, 25% on month 75% on half year). SInce summer used as skill-top sorting, and falls 0.25% day, but often gets changes (see pts logs below).
LongMisses (no matter of actual user death, or just hit) - how many user got hits since this Points thing released. Used for equalization systems (so you won't get +1 points for a newly joined nigga of topper's skill, but much more)

Long shit short
doesnt matter if you play with good players or bad, doesnt matter if you play bad or good, after some time you will be having same points ratio comparing to other players as original PTS record shows, and this whole Points thing is just a number scam that will bring you nothing, but to attract people at server, as its known many people play for rising Points.

Keep in mind
This is first beta v1 release, which might have leaks n bugs n other shit which will make it unbalanced one to another, and if so it will be attemted to be fixed with further resetting of all old values, so don't count on your points too much for now
Also default LDS logging was temprerary disabled, being replaced by Points loggin. Logging order you can change with command !logme.

Current PTS version: see changelog
Current Points version: see changelog
See changelogs at here.

Some todo stuff

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article - about sv - n why its fetures why its better than others xd
	sv physics
		rocket bounce
		pre-post offsets
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SV physics:
Rocket's tickrate
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about plugin

Jesus wasn’t white: he was a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew. Here’s why that matters:
I grew up in a Christian home, where a photo of Jesus hung on my bedroom wall. I still have it. It is schmaltzy and rather tacky in that 1970s kind of way, but as a little girl I loved it. In this picture, Jesus looks kind and gentle, he gazes down at me lovingly. He is also light-haired, blue-eyed, and very white.

The problem is, Jesus was not white. You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you’ve ever entered a Western church or visited an art gallery. But while there is no physical description of him in the Bible, there is also no doubt that the historical Jesus, the man who was executed by the Roman State in the first century CE, was a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew.

This is not controversial from a scholarly point of view, but somehow it is a forgotten detail for many of the millions of Christians who will gather to celebrate Easter this week.

On Good Friday, Christians attend churches to worship Jesus and, in particular, remember his death on a cross. In most of these churches, Jesus will be depicted as a white man, a guy that looks like Anglo-Australians, a guy easy for other Anglo-Australians to identify with.

Think for a moment of the rather dashing Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. He is an Irish-American actor. Or call to mind some of the most famous artworks of Jesus’ crucifixion – Ruben, Grunewald, Giotto – and again we see the European bias in depicting a white-skinned Jesus.

Read more:  Friday essay: who was Mary Magdalene? Debunking the myth of the penitent prostitute

Does any of this matter? Yes, it really does. As a society, we are well aware of the power of representation and the importance of diverse role models.

After winning the 2013 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 12 Years a Slave, Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o shot to fame. In interviews since then, Nyong’o has repeatedly articulated her feelings of inferiority as a young woman because all the images of beauty she saw around her were of lighter-skinned women. It was only when she saw the fashion world embracing Sudanese model Alek Wek that she realised black could be beautiful too.

If we can recognise the importance of ethnically and physically diverse role models in our media, why can’t we do the same for faith? Why do we continue to allow images of a whitened Jesus to dominate?

Many churches and cultures do depict Jesus as a brown or black man. Orthodox Christians usually have a very different iconography to that of European art – if you enter a church in Africa, you’ll likely see an African Jesus on display.

But these are rarely the images we see in Australian Protestant and Catholic churches, and it is our loss. It allows the mainstream Christian community to separate their devotion to Jesus from compassionate regard for those who look different.

I would even go so far as to say it creates a cognitive disconnect, where one can feel deep affection for Jesus but little empathy for a Middle Eastern person. It likewise has implications for the theological claim that humans are made in God’s image. If God is always imaged as white, then the default human becomes white and such thinking undergirds racism.

Historically, the whitewashing of Jesus contributed to Christians being some of the worst perpetrators of anti-Semitism and it continues to manifest in the “othering” of non-Anglo Saxon Australians.

Read more:  What history really tells us about the birth of Jesus

This Easter, I can’t help but wonder, what would our church and society look like if we just remembered that Jesus was brown? If we were confronted with the reality that the body hung on the cross was a brown body: one broken, tortured, and publicly executed by an oppressive regime.

How might it change our attitudes if we could see that the unjust imprisonment, abuse, and execution of the historical Jesus has more in common with the experience of Indigenous Australians or asylum seekers than it does with those who hold power in the church and usually represent Christ?

Perhaps most radical of all, I can’t help but wonder what might change if we were more mindful that the person Christians celebrate as God in the flesh and saviour of the entire world was not a white man, but a Middle Eastern Jew.