Here is the PTS/POINTS logs changes and other Rank related information. Might not be accurate by time cuz it aint gets updated automaticly

Current PTS version: 1.9.0 (updated oct 2020)

Current Points version: 1.2.0 (updated 28march 2019)

PTS 2.0.0 changes (may 2021, first major change since 2020, not implemented):
- Lower rocket complexity set on backfire (by increasing distance ratio), and even lower if after dodging tirggered (due to lower rocket interp after dodge), which was still giving too much pts on multiple times at high speed - preidctivity edits: pre offset and drag angle affect x2 less now, instead is more affected by previous owner post offset and current owner post offset differences - repeater cutter edits, fixing cutting too much on complex rockets, and cutting too low on easy rockets (making boosting from close range m2 spams harder) - change of player's position after each reflect (especially on z axis) now affects sent rocket complexity, atop of closing up-distancing variables - minimal distance in speed-distance ratio is now 500 units - dodged rocket aint affects flick multiplier anymore (only complexity), but reflect time after rocket enters the hitbox matters more now - standing still gives more complexity bonus - global pts gain rebalance (bot's pts gain cut changed from 72% to 80%)
PTS 1.9.1 changes (08 dec 2021, not implemented):
- higher complexity of unpredictable rocket, balanced with lower complexity of predictable ones
PTS 1.9.0 changes (28 sept 2020):
- backfire complexity reduced on low rocket speed - Close up movement compleixty boost increased on low rocket speed, decreased on high speed
PTS 1.8.0 changes (11 sept 2020):
- Multiplier and complexity predictivity limiters are back, with changed bottom limits - 0.25 for complexity, 0.5 for multiplier (multiplier nerf affects only if there was complexity neft triggered), to prevent high pts close range m2 flick spams boosts. To check the affect of this command use !logrepeats (alongside with !logall) - To equalize this change, global pts gain per reflect increased by 10%
PTS 1.7.0 changes (06 may 2020, last items added later and were not considered as update, due to being minor and due to author laziness):
- New movement tracker - increasing send complexity if target/reflector be rushing ahead, decreasing it if target/reflector retreating (the more it matter n the closer it is, the more it changes). This parameter is new and unstable, might cause serious bugs on its own too - complexity repeats bug fixed, that was assigning target's complexity repeatments to reflector (that was generally giving u too little pts during cqc) - multiplier nerf removed, due to not be effecient no more (againt, no more cqc pts cutting) - fixed an ancient never unnoticed bug, whcih was considering flick post offset of ~70-90 degree backfire as a direkt backfire - complexity minor edits - unpredictivty factor is double counted again, instead of triple (x*x instead of x*x*x) (removed 6 days later), and post offset range with hit distance is now multiplying sended complexity x1.5 more each. also max complexity nerf (repeatable moves) are now down-limited to 0.1, and rocket complexity nerfed on bf on low speed/high distance - with bot pts gains 10% less than before, making it now 72% of from what u'd get with people - close range m2 spam enables multiplier nerf again - maximal complexity on hit is reduced to 8 in pts gain calculations, since everything above it is pretty much instant reflects, complexity of which are overrated
PTS 1.6.1 changes (06 march 2020):
- Lucky hit edits from change of 1.5.1 - lucky cap is now not bound to absolute minimal if the player has above 1 hour of server activity, for all else (newly joined players) its set to 50 - to make no bounds for newly joined hackers and good players. Additionally the part above the cap will be nerfed by 75% as long ago again (in change 1.4.0)
PTS 1.6.0 changes (02 jan 2020):
- Speed bonus multiplier is now affected on sended complexity too, plus related to reflect time, instead of distance ratio (at scale x1-2 at 0.9375-0.375sec). Meaning u will gain at close range direkts more while losing less, and will not recieve multiplier boost at your opponent's backfires/sideways non direkt flciks.
PTS 1.5.1 changes (11 nov 2019):
- "Lucky hit" cap is not bound to 40 no more, but instead related to each n every nigga's 1/5 (20%) of current pts cap, with absolute minimal of 20 (those, who got pts cap below 100). Also residual values gained above the cap will be nerfed by 50%, instead of 75% as before, and combined with the cap.
PTS 1.5.0 changes (24 oct 2019):
- Horizontal offset is now x2 more strict upon sending complexity (high post-offset will bring target less pts the higher offset was, same as faster cell dropping) - related to an update - Rocket Drag changes - minimal drag time set to 2 frames, instead of 1, making it easier to direkt/backfire backfire-direkt etc, also rocket is abit move flexable to dragger's aim angle during drag time (making it tiny bit more predictable on storng drags?)
PTS 1.4.3 changes (29 aug 2019):
- Speed bonus muliplier is ignored now if rocket was dodged (crossed your shoulder)
PTS 1.4.2 changes (25 aug 2019):
- Complexity edits - gives more attention to that dragange*dragframes ranges (waves, horizontal spikes) - Multiplier edits - standing still will make it easier to gian pts at low speeds - a rocket instantly switched at cqc to another nigga will make lose half of multiplier to switcher - backfires are considered more direkt-like by vertical axis for next recierver, increasing it's complexity - FOr equalizing purposes of changes above, globally temprorary decreased pts gaining by 10% to everybody (and you still get even 20% less from bot).
PTS 1.4.1 changes (22 aug 2019):
Fixed a bug at switched rocket, where distance tracking was assigned to previous owner, instead of actual target, causing high ass complexity for a switched nigga standing half a mile away - optimized multiplier hitbox timing edits for STEALERS
PTS 1.4.0 changes (20 aug 2019):
- Major complexity pattern edits - now its with even more complicated n accurate numbers, with slightly higher median (considers more situations as "complicated"). Additionaly complexity was also increased from predictivity (1 time lastly hitted unpredictable rockets give more pts for both sender and recierver) - Time/distance ratio changes - standing far generally gains less pts than before. - Rocket hit distance now affects complexity too (relativly to opponents distance) - If you get pts >+40 per ONE HIT - it will be considered as lucky hit, and the rest part of those >40 will be devided by 4. (like if u do +75 in one hit -> it will be considered as -> 48.75 ; 50 -> 42.5 etc) By far practise says its beyond any human possibilities to do it legitivly, only by accident - All changes above in here were attempted to be balanced to pts how it is right now, whatever of lvl vs lvl gameplay (and you still strictly get 10% less pts from bot)
PTS 1.3.8 changes (18 aug 2019):
Adjusted bot's complexity from update 1.3.6 to 90% instead of 80%. COnsidering changes of update 1.3.7 you gain 5% more pts from people, and 5% less from bot than it was before. Some top 30 niggas who got their high rank overboosted while 1.3.5 update got nerfed (a little).
PTS 1.3.7 changes (14 aug 2019):
due to bot nerf, additionaly since now you gain globally 5% more PTS from both players and bot (leaderboard scores were boosted by 5% too)
PTS 1.3.6 changes (12 aug 2019):
fixed previous update's bug, additionally increased rocket's complexity on previous owaner, who sendedn it unexpectedly (???????), also pts from bot got 20% less now due to rank boost issues
PTS 1.3.5 changes (09 aug 2019):
minor fixes of complexity counting changes at backfires at close ranges, which was giving extremely high complexity on very slow speed. Additionally this update broke first deflected rocket's compexity, making it much higher than supposed to be (allowing to get up to +20pts in first 50mph rocket hit!), was fixed in next update only after 2 days, but some people still managed to overboost their rank without even knowing it.
PTS 1.3.4 changes (29 july 2019):
Offset counting is now more tolerate upon high-range horizontal rocket drags (so direkt-flcikers will gain multiplier abit easier now)
PTS 1.3.3 changes (20 july 2019):
- 5 static pts cells are now 4 discrete cells, - Meaning a cell now wont drop if u was hitted by unexpected complicated rocket. drops full cell only on non complicated rockets, so to gain full PTS stack it might take more OR less than 5 hits. - From this change above, you will also lose only that part of a cell that is related to ur share of how many times u delfected rocket (2 of your diflections out of 10 diflections were made per rocket, as in switch battles, will make u lose only 0.4 part of cell upon non complicated rocket hitting u)
PTS 1.3.2 changes (20june 2019):
bot's offset calculations sometimes were giving out of range values aim values (broken ass bots) - whcih was attempted to be fixed
PTS 1.3.1 changes (20june 2019):
rocket speed multiplier (mph) replaced to sqrt(mph)*10 meaning pts gains faster at slow rockets and gains slower on faster rockets
PTS 1.3.0 changes (11june 2019):
- Major Predictivity edits = last 3 hits predictivity pattern replaced to more accurate discrete long term pattern, so no more hard-coded nerfs on bots either - Protection from cheats abooses with RTD - Dodged rocket decreases recierver's rocket complexity even x2 more now
PTS 1.2.1 changes (26may 2019):
niggas playing vs botlvl1 now forced to gain 33% less pts at speed 150mph+
PTS 1.2.0 changes (19apr 2019):
- Predictivity edits = high predictivity decreases rocket complexity to minimum (no more botlvl1 botlvl3 rank boosts), same as same repeat of same flicks - Flikk multiplier on close range - Getting points on CQC is easier now - Spinned/dodged rocket decreases recierver's rocket complexity - another nerf for orbitters - Speed limiter removed - Max PTS gain per 1 flick = 100 (but practicly still impossible, unless deserved lottery luck)
PTS 1.1.0 changes (24march 2019):
aint remember