Here will be some information and statistic bout maps server rolls

Database information.
Image Map Rolltime Map square description
tfdb_moon_sv1 186260 16.4M Units
nice big simple outdoor map (Might be fps consuming for default configs)
tfdb_octagon_sv1 371854 5.75M Units
remake of oldscool map (with shiny reflective floor which is bugged on some configs) original map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=776719508
tfdb_tower_sv1 167592 14.5M Units
nice big outdoor map
tfdb_minecraft_sv1 53227 11.6M Units
original map tfdb_minecraft (failed to find in nets)
tfdb_snowland_sv1 209354 13.7M Units
nice big cold outdoor map (Might be fps consuming for default configs)
tfdb_beandevil_a3 363233 8M Units
borrowed from europe servers
tfdb_baseball_sv1 377707 17.3M Units
original map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=776716560
tfdb_gladiator_sv1 189220 12.1M Units
nice sunny outdoor map
tfdb_iceberg_sv1 183452 11.5M Units
nice dark map (Might be fps consuming for default configs)
tfdb_pit_of_death_sv1 15478 12.5M Units
Remake of official tf2 spooky map of same name
tfdb_graveyard_sv1 175032 15.6M Units
nice big outdoor spooky map. Might be fps consuming for default configs
tfdb_shrine_sv1 2050 11.8M Units
nice indoor temple like flat map with soft purple tones
tfdb_temple_sv1 183287 12.2M Units
nice indoor map
tfdb_parkinglot_sv1 160452 14.7M Units
nice outdoor map with big strict team zones
tfdb_swecourt_sv1 196278 13.1M Units
nice cozy outdoor map
tfdb_warehouse 364736 16.3M Units
borrowed from europe servers
tfdb_blucourt_sv1 339701 8.2M Units
Remake of oldschool map, with fully breakable girders, roof and some floor bars at spwan (Source engine having hard time here, therefore fps consuming for deflaut configs) original map tfdb_blucourt_intox (failed to find in nets)
tfdb_redcourt_sv1 182233 10M Units
Remake of oldschool map, with fully breakable wooden girders and benches (therefore fps consuming for deflaut configs) original map tfdb_redcourt_intox (failed to find in nets)
tfdb_mgdodgeball_sv1 174593 9.1M Units
original map https://gamebanana.com/maps/73159
tfdb_metro_sv1 191697 15.3M Units
nice ass big ass shiny indoor map (with shiny reflective floor which is bugged on some configs)
tfdb_beach_sv1 184499 19.5M Units
nice big outdoor map, Might be fps consuming for default configs
tfdb_comptf_sv1 102550 22M Units
original map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454139203
tfdb_trade_plaza_sv1 178914 16.5M Units
original map https://gamebanana.com/maps/146137
tfdb_seaship_sv1 162879 16M Units
nice big outdoor map (Might be fps consuming for default configs)
tfdb_desert_sv2 338923 16.3M Units
original map tfdb_desert_madness
tfdb_rocketbucks_v2 214315 8.3M Units
plain ass circle with no even walls but with hefty map size of 28 fucking megabytes. borrowed from europe servers
tfdb_ghettocourt_sv2 176712 7.7M Units
nice dark small indoor map. Replaced to sv2 updated and slightly brighter version since dec2023 due to old version "map differences from server" conflicts
tfdb_castleyard_sv1 175938 14.4M Units
original map tfdb_catleyard (failed to find in nets)
tfdb_cross_sv1 2051 14.6M Units
nice warehouse like indoor map with small team zones but lots of free space
tfdb_spaceship_sv1 18994 6.3M Units
nice small indoor map
tfdb_box_space_a6 98666 6.8M Units
borrowed from europe servers
tfdb_box_space_a6 939 0M Units
tfdb_boxingring_sv1 61131 16.6M Units
original map https://gamebanana.com/maps/198693
tfdb_dope_sex_nigger 12564 0M Units
physics test map
tfdb_tenniscourt_sv1 164 15.7M Units
originally stolen from Glubbable's Servers
tfdb_stadiumcourt_sv1 92738 10.2M Units
originally stolen from Glubbable's Servers
tfdb_box_night_a8 6774 0M Units
borrowed from europe servers
tfdb_canyon_sv1 0 15.3M Units
nice big outdoor map
tfdb_library_sv1 0 11M Units
nice small fancy looking indoor map
tfdb_neocube_sv1 0 16.2M Units
nice futuristic looking box
tfdb_passsoccer_sv1 0 23M Units
original map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=528683723
tfdb_mgdodgeball_sv1_night 0 9.1M Units
same as tfdb_mgdodgeball_sv1 but with night and some snow
Map squares
Gameplay map sizes shown in squere walkable area (fancy shapes calculated too) in hammer units. Also note: map spawner location & fire angle and team spawners locations (their distances) highly affect the map feeling too - tfdb_rocketbucks (8.0M units) feels almost as big as tfdb_beach (19.5M), because the second one got close red/blue team spawners, with rocket spawner right from the ground inbetween them.
All the maps here can be manually downloaded from https://swagville.ru/fastdl/maps 
_SV - unique maps made special for this server, either global remakes of old known tfdb (and not only tfdb) maps to achieve better look and playing experience.

some pre formatted old non db text (to remove)
tfdb_pass_soccer_sv1 	        23.0M units
tfdb_comptf_sv1 		22.0M units
tfdb_beach_sv1 			19.5M units (actual flat play zone squere ~7.7M units)
tfdb_baseball_sv1 		17.3M units
tfdb_boxingring_sv1         	16.6M units
tfdb_trade_plaza_sv1        	16.5M units
tfdb_moon_sv1 			16.4M units
tfdb_warehouse 			16.3M units
tfdb_desert_sv2 		16.3M units
tfdb_neocube_sv1 		16.2M units
tfdb_seaship_sv1 		16.0M units
tfdb_tennis_indoor_sv1          15.9M units
tfdb_cemetery_sv1 		15.6M units
tfdb_metro_sv1 			15.3M units
tfdb_canyon_sv1 		15.3M units
tfdb_snowland_sv1 		13.7M units
tfdb_comptf_sv2 		13.5M units
tfdb_swecourt_sv1 		13.1M units
tfdb_parkinglot_sv1 	        12.5M units
tfdb_temple_sv1 		12.2M units
tfdb_gladiator_sv1 		12.1M units
tfdb_minecraft_sv1 		11.6M units
tfdb_iceberg_sv1 		11.5M units
tfdb_dusk		 	10.5M units
tfdb_indoor_stadium		10.2M units
tfdb_redcourt_sv1 		10.0M units
tfdb_mgdodgeball_sv1        	8.8M units
tfdb_rocketbucks		8.3M units
tfdb_bluecort_sv1 		8.2M units
tfdb_beandevil_a3		8.0M units
tfdb_dope_sex_nigger        	8.0M units
tfdb_ghettoucourt_sv1       	7.7M units (+1.5M non included side hurt area)
tfdb_box_night			7.0M units
tfdb_library_sv1		7.0M units
tfdb_box_space			6.8M units
tfdb_dm_duel_sv1		6.2M units
tfdb_octagon_sv1		5.75M units