Swagville tourney with prizes (beta version)

Here you can read tourney rules dates and history of Swagville tourney

in order to attract more players to dodgeball and to compete with other europe servers, swagville starts a new event - weekly mini battle royale type of tourneys with real prizes - keys and unusual hats. Planned around the beginning of winter 2021 (and actually first started by fall 2022). Play at server, get good, win tourneys, earn money, real shit!

Real nigga stadium bitch (map in progress)
• Tourneys are planned to be ran weekly at private swagville server #3 at (russia, moscow), keep that in mind if you want to participate but you live too far from moscow, ping will give you high disadvantage

• Next tourney date (moscow time) and prize will be announced in swagville steam group, or on this site page

• Currently there will be 12 people limit, anybody can participate (for free), but in case there will be more than 12 players, priority will be given to ones with higher rank at current swagville rank table

• By the specified date, join the server to participate. Make sure to play the server before this event to increase your rank, to not get kicked when too many people will to participate!

• Kill all your opponents and stay alive to win (see gameplay tab).

• Win your prize, by sharing the trade offer link below, in game chat, or donate the item you win back to support the server.
This is not default 1v1 multi rounds dodgeball tourney as everybody used to, in here there will be multiple battle-royale long round until 2 wins, where each player fights everybody on specialized map and rules written below. You don't have to know these rules, because you won't be able to break those rules, as they are controlled by server, but knowing and understanding them will give u advantage. Also while first beta tests, or worse yet during actual tourney, if some bug happens that breaks the gameplay rules or balance - it's up to owner to restart the tourney, or abort it until fix will be released.

How to win
Main point is: each player starts with 3000hp, last one to survive wins the round. FIrst to win 2 rounds in total considered tourney winner. You decide who you want to aim your rocket by your mouse. Killing a player grants everybody extra fixed 1000hp, plus additionally 50% of damage dealt to killed player since beginning.
Personal space
To prevent the mess that crowding might cause, there is a special map for this mode - there is big ring with 12 colorful safe zones on edges of it, each player spawns at the Stadium entrance and picks the zone he desires, other players are unable to reach him in that zone, nor before not after round start. Rocket also won't target players inside their zones if player stands still and armless (activates while both no keyboard activity within 4 seconds and 8 seconds of aim movement being inside your zone) but only unless there are no other targetable players left. You can use that safe zone to chat, to take a breath, or just to hide from pushers and stealers, but note that this zone gives you "overheal", meaning while you're inside your zone you will be losing 3 hp/sec until you hit 175hp (stock pyro hp) or until you enter the play area.
CQC crowd gameplay
The center area (in size and shape of tfdb_octagon map) is actual the regular play zone, where rocket spawns from the middle of, and inside that playzone you can do anything as usual - steal the rocket of others, steal your own rocket, fly and rocket hit players from above (or without rocket), team up against strong players, etc. Everything rest gameplay wise is same as usual on swagville, except of on tourney there will be no rtd, no multi rockets (after first death), no flamethrower fire, and no force respawn controllers.
CQC-Distance balance
So it's up to you which tactics to play - rude and dirtly in the center, losing hp fighting everybody but gaining 50% of dealt damage hp killing them, or hideout inside waiting for everybody to kill themself and get out to kill what's left or combine those tactics as you wish, but keep in mind - the more pts you have during the fight, the higher rocket damage protection you gain, same as usual. To be exact - the damage received from missiles is multiplied by the coefficient according to the formula (0.0 - ((800.0 - CURRENTPTSPLAYER) / (0.0 - 800.0)))^3 where CURRENTPTSPLAYER = the player's current PTS, with a maximum coefficient limit of 0.2 (20% of actual damage with pts >= 332)
Things to note for all participators
• Being inside your zone (or any other empty one) makes you low priority target for rocket, plus inside your zone nobody is able to cqc you. In exchange you lose 3hp per second by staying inside of play zone. • Rocket makes more damage to player when flicked well (especially directs); hits player in the head (rather than feet), and deals less damage to player when was orbitted; hitted crouching player (so crouching makes u inmobile, but you get less damage); the more pts player has, the less damage he recieves. More detailed info for nerds at https://swagville.ru/about/#rocketdamage • Switches are hardcoded to make rocket more vague, making it possible to survive 200mph switches. But will you be able to take that rocket back, considering it won't be classified as switch no more? • The more players gonna participate, the more lags you might experience due to tf2 being bad. Consider getting as low settings as it's possible for best cpu performance (and dont forget to run Steam and TF2 in administrator mode, preferably right before the tourney starts.) • Don't forget, if rocket goes too fast, you can always slow it down, by pressing crouch key (but without holding it) in the moment of reflect. If you wanna use full potential of this feature, read how it functions and get the bind for it at https://swagville.ru/about/#rocketspeed (these binds can't be detected, and therefore are non illegal) • There is a 35hp medi kit at the center of the map, respawning every 10-20 seconds. Does it worth it, or you lose more hp fighting for it? Up to you. • You can communicate between each other and see each and everyone hp, so to keep the balance you can teaming with others against winning player • If you forgot the zone you are assigned to - look at the screen above center of 6th zone - you will recieve a message saying where your current zone is.

p.s. also cheating and using shit like lmaobox/nullcore etc is forbidden, people suspected in using any sort of hack soft will be disqualified and banned from future tourneys.

Game records
All the tourney information after tourney run will be saved into server database and displayed here at swagville.ru/tourney, other stuff like dem file, files and other statistics will be recorded and shared too (probably)
Send your trade offer here to recieve the prize after winning:

Trade URL :

- Initial 5000hp raised to 10000hp (x2 less use from hp kits, slower affect of losing hp inside the zone)
- Rocket deals x2 more total damage
- Rocket flick multiplier affects damage x2 less (1-9 instead of 1-18 keeping the scale)
- From now on player disconnecting during the tourney by any reason is considering losing a round, but player can rejoin and play the next ones. If crush/bug is caused on server side, failed round is replayed again