D O D G E M O M M A - 1.01
Login via Steam and request your items in exchange for swagcoins:

Having troubles? Message to the steam group topic https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tf2swagville/discussions/0/3191359938381484503/
In case of inactivity, this request will be canceled in a day, coins will not be deducted

New server limited promotion - Swagcoins, exchangable for tf2 keys!
Swagcoins is the local crypto currency server promotion you get for playing swagville servers during the event, where you get
~10% of your ptsSquere root of your current pts actually
each 1-10 min randomly (~5 min average, but x2 more rare when bot enabled), and you also get x2-x3 more coins per each drop the more silvers you play with (only if you're Guardian+ yourself). With these coins you can buy pyro hats, or even tf2 keys at variable rate shown below (which can be cashed out for irl money). Swagcoins can also be traded with players while on server with !give command. Initially at the beginning of promotion as for winter 2021 every player recieves
sqrt(playdays)*300which means everyone who outplayed at least 40 minutes can already requst a hat, and those who outplayed 11 days can request a key!
you can see your current playtime at stats page

Swagcoins are obtainable only by playing at server, gifted and recieved by !give command, earned in 1v1 duels (!duel ), awarded to players doing usefull stuff, substracted as penalties to players doing shit stuff, and cant be obtained outside the server in any way. Swagcoins are meant to attract new players, and reward old players for thier activity, so swagcoins drop has a daily limit of a coins equal to key price (initially 1000) and will be disabled at all when there is stable server activity (read smallprint), but the excisting coins will still remain exchangable for keys/hats. The less coins there will be left in excistence, the higher rates they will have (cheaper keys), so at first rates may vary alot, but in future expected swagcoins price will be raising 20-100% per year!
Also each next key recieved for one person gets extra 10% overprice atop the base pricemeaning each person's first key costs 100% of base price
second key for same person costs 100+10% of base price (110%)
third key for same person costs 110+10% of base price (121%)
tenth key for same person costs 100+10%^10 of base price (259%) etc
. All future changes will be displayed below in changelogs.
Coins in excistence right now: 1651217 (1651 potential keys!)
!give send coins to another player on server.
!coins check your current balance, suggests to make hat/key request if you have enough coins.
!duel (coins) challenge the player to a duel of tournament mode (5000xp round til death), the winner gets a double bet, the loser loses the bet. Both players must confirm same price with this command before duel start
nothing yet.
Hats given by far: 28
Hats given Name
Price shown total paid price for all recieved hats
50 12 January 2022
100 08 January 2022
500 08 January 2022
s h r d
500 07 January 2022
200 07 January 2022
50 05 December 2021
Keys given by far: none yet
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Price shown stake price, mouse over to see paid price
Unusuals given by far:
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Name Price Date
Australiums given by far: 1
Australium # Name Price Date
10000 16 January 2022

Current Stake Exchange rates:
Small print:
this promotion charity thing is in initial first time release and is fully "give only" charity with no responsibilities, so it's completely violant, meaning this promotion (or coins drop) can be cancelled (and then restarted) any time with no responsiblities and explanations why (usually by lack of support fond or simply be broken due to technical reasons). Same goes to exchanges - suspicious people who unfairly (or playing from blank accounts) farmed coins or abusing transactions in any way will be forbidden/banned/fined from exchange. Full list of everybody who were legitly exchanged keys for coins will be attemted to be displayed on this page, with no guarantee of up to date data. If you have any questions or problems or bug reports, or errors in coin transactions regarding this - ask them in sum steam group topic https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tf2swagville/discussions/0/3191359938381484503/